• A visitation provider must conduct interviews with each of the parents prior to the beginning of service. Visitation providers may collaborate with the court or referring agency in conducting the intake.

  • Parents must be interviewed separately and at different times so that they do not come into contact with each other. 

  • A visitation provider must inquire during the intake process about the reasons for the referral and information on any family issues that may impact the parent/child contact or the safety of the participants.

  • A visitation provider must inquire about ongoing or chronic medical conditions of the participants that could affect the health and safety of the child, or the parents, or other participants during parent/child contact.

  • A visitation provider must inform each parent about the limits of confidentiality and request a release of information from each parent allowing the provider to communicate with other individuals and/or agencies designated on the release.

  • A visitation provider must explain the program rules and policies with each parent prior to the beginning of service.

  • A visitation provider must have a service agreement signed by each parent prior to the commencement of service.


Intake application fee $40.00 per parent

Fees are due at time of service, no refunds